I’ve learned a lot. And I’ve learned that I know almost nothing.

Rage of the Myrmidons by Daren Korb

Continued working on the pygame project, setting up the basic structures, drawing figures to the screen, searching out two bugs because of missed keystrokes, and toying with settings. Did a bit of a comparative reading of the opening chapter of Automate the Boring Stuff to review the basics, again. Did some reading on some basic operational skills I should know better.

It has been one hell of a week. I am enjoying this whole thing, but with just me, myself, and…

The great debate!

Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds — 8 Hours

Today was an indecisive day. I started doing some planning for another program to log board game playing statistics. Then I started looking into the relative merits of tkinter and PYQT as a way to make my personal programs more usable. When I didn’t really reach a conclusion after a few tutorials, I switched gears again and started work on the first project in Python Crash Course.

So yeah, I didn’t actually accomplish much coding today. But I do feel like I…


Sad Wizard Vibes by Autumn Orange

No update yesterday for reasons. I covered reading from and writing to text files, writing exceptions for my code, and the most bare bones use of regex even though that’s not in the book. Today I covered the json package and put in a lot of time beating my head against the documentation for pickle.After settling on json, I started working on a project to recreate the functionalist of the store credit tracker we used at my job in a comic shop. It went surprisingly well.

I love the community around learning Python, but…

Lo-fi for Ghosts (Only)

Classes, classes, classes. Covered the entirety of chapter 9. Spent the day doing little exercises in making classes to internalize the syntax, doing further reading to understand the initialization, figuring out how instances can modify other instances, etc. I definitely feel like my understanding of classes is better than my last attempt at self-teaching. Had to look up a number of things not covered in CCP, but that’s a good thing. After, I rebuilt a very basic Rock, Paper, Scissors game from memory. …

Python Crash Course, 2nd Ed, by Eric Matthes

Reknowing by Lena Raine

Well, I did exactly what I outlined yesterday. Reviewed dictionaries, while loops/inputs, and functions. Spent more time on dictionaries than the other two, but it was mostly working on internalizing accessing to nested elements and turning that access into nicely formatted outputs. Looping is pretty understandable to me, but I can get confused if there are more than 2 lists to loop through. Functions were probably the easiest for me to review as they are probably what I spent the most time with last time I was working on this.

The fact that I am already…

Printing “Hello World!”

Mighty Vibes Vol 2: Chill Tunes to Study/Transcribe Magic To

Spent the entirety of my studying reviewing the basics. Things like assigning variables to values, printing those values, basic methods, lists, loops, if statements. I am working out of the book Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes, again. My reviewing took me up through chapter 5 fairly easily.

It’s coming back more easily than I anticipated. Last time I was working on learning how to code, I only really did one “big” project that amounted to more than a dozen lines. I am still proud of the project, it was…

Jenny Cranston

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