Day 6, Tk vs QT | 100 Days of Code


Rainy Night Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music and Rain Sounds — 8 Hours


Today was an indecisive day. I started doing some planning for another program to log board game playing statistics. Then I started looking into the relative merits of tkinter and PYQT as a way to make my personal programs more usable. When I didn’t really reach a conclusion after a few tutorials, I switched gears again and started work on the first project in Python Crash Course.


So yeah, I didn’t actually accomplish much coding today. But I do feel like I have a decent grasp on a few things I really didn’t understand before. So even though I didn’t tippity type it all out, today definitely doesn’t feel like it was a waste.


Going to hold the course and do more work on the Alien Invasion project in PCC. I am not planning on doing much in the way of game design, but it’s at the very least informative about project architecture.



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