Days 4& 5| 100 Days of Code


Sad Wizard Vibes by Autumn Orange

No update yesterday for reasons. I covered reading from and writing to text files, writing exceptions for my code, and the most bare bones use of regex even though that’s not in the book. Today I covered the json package and put in a lot of time beating my head against the documentation for pickle.After settling on json, I started working on a project to recreate the functionalist of the store credit tracker we used at my job in a comic shop. It went surprisingly well.

I love the community around learning Python, but it is very much not useful to direct a relative beginner to the documentation as the be all and end all of a response to a request for advice. Yes, documentation is important, but it is also really intensive. Not helpful for someone on day 4 of teaching themselves a programming language. Despite that frustration, things went pretty well once I got into the flow. It felt nice. Did some work to make me feel like I’m not utterly wasting my time.

Tomorrow I am going to look into what it will take to make a GUI for my store credit script. I don’t know how much progress I’ll make on that front, but we will see. It’s not part of the Python Crash Course curriculum, but it’s what has my interest at the moment so worth I think it’s worth pursuing. Going forward, I am considering if it is a better option to switch gears to Automate the Boring Stuff or soldier on with the projects section of PCC.



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